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UWE Bristol Library can supply articles and chapters from e-books on request

Stephen Rankin, Library Information Administration Manager, Digitisation & Document Delivery at UWE Library in Bristol, reports from the frontline of ILL provision.

Accelerated by the pandemic, here at UWE Bristol we have moved largely to e-book and e-journal provision wherever possible. During the time when we were closed and unable to supply paper copies, we continued to accept inter-library loan requests, sourcing articles electronically, and adding e-books to our “patron-driven acquisition” (PDA) model. For those unfamiliar with patron-driven acquisition, it more or less does as it says on the tin: we make titles available for searching (or send a link directly when an ILL has been requested), and we only either pay for or rent the book if the book is accessed by patrons.

We are more than happy to supply SWRLS members with electronic copies of articles and chapters from e-books (with a limit of one chapter per book, or one article per issue, for copyright reasons).

And of course, now we are open again, we continue to supply paper copies as before.

Do feel free to contact us at

Remember that Inter Library Loan Requests are free of charge among SWRLS members.


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