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Inter Library Loans

SWRLS member services can borrow from each other free of charge (with a few exceptions). This means our members can access collections across the full range of library sectors in the South West at a significant saving. 

You can access the public catalogues of our member services through the links on our membership page. If you are making an ILL request from a member service and you know which other member holds the title you are looking for, please contact the service directly, stating that it is a SWRLS ILL request.



To make wider search requests to the membership, and to share knowledge and questions relating to ILL, members can use the dedicated SWRLS ILL JISC email list at 

Go to to join the list and for information about JISC usage and privacy policies. 

Guide to SWRLS ILL

For more step-by-step information on how to make and respond to ILL requests as a SWRLS member, please download the Guide to SWRLS ILL

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