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SWRLS Members Day May 6th: Programme Agenda

10.00-10.20: Welcome and round-up, Jackie Chelin, Chair of SWRLS

10.20-10.35: Presentation 1: Raising Equality in the Collection or Decolonising the Curriculum. Donna Gundry, Head of Library Services, Plymouth College of Art

Followed by Q&A

10.35-10.50: Presentation 2: Collecting & Sharing Impact via Impact Case Studies. Claire O'Connor, Deputy Library & Knowledge Manager, Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Trust. Followed by Q&A.

10.50-11 o'clock BREAK

11.00-11.15: Presentation 3: Creative Health: managing wellbeing and stress in the workplace, Julia Puebla Fortier, Research Associate, Arts & Health South West.

Followed by Q&A

11.15-11.30: Presentation 4: Towards a shared vision for Libraries of Sanctuary in the South West Peninsula, Laura Lay, Head of Library & Archives, Falmouth Exeter Plus

Followed by Q&A

11.30-11.40 BREAK

11.40-11.50: Word Online -2: Introduction to a possible sequel to Word Online, open to all SWRLS Members. Helen Chaloner, CEO, Literature Works; Kate Murray, Head of Bristol Libraries

11.50-11.55: Hidden Treasures: Introduction to a possible application to NLHF Dynamic Collections Fund in support of making important but vulnerable collections in our sector more publicly accessible. Heather Norman-Soderlind, SWRLS Co-Ordinator

11.55-12.10: Open discussion of the two project themes: both subject to potential funding applications via SWRLS CIO, the first to Arts Council England; the second to NLHF.

Word Online-2: discussion of potential themes and authors for this enhanced tour of libraries across our sector.

Hidden Treasures in our Collections: discussion of feasibility and which libraries wish to help SWRLS scope the project as a pilot.

12.10 - 12.20 Conclusions and thanks.

12.20-12.45 Optional networking.


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