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SWRLS Hidden Treasures Pilot Project

SWRLS is looking for 4-5 member libraries to help formulate a Pilot Project in support of making libraries' 'hidden collections' more accessible to tell a wider range of stories.

SWRLS is planning to apply for funding to The National Lottery Heritage Fund's Dynamic Collections campaign to get our long-in-gestation project known as Hidden Treasures (formerly Hidden Collections) off the ground. We are looking for up to 5 libraries initially to form a pilot group to support an application which SWRLS will write towards a project lasting 24 months. The libraries will consult as a group to determine which is our preferred leading theme and what collection items we agree to put forward for funding, ensuring we meet the NLHF criteria which involve

Engagement Re-Interpretation

Collections management

If your library has an important collection you feel meets the criteria and would like to join the pilot discussion, please email or message SWRLS via our membership Basecamp Communications Group.


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