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Run out of shelving? Plymouth College of Art has a surplus for sale

Take advantage of a bargain lot of spare shelving offered for sale by Plymouth College of Art Library.

Cost - per unit £65.00 or £550 for everything

Email Donna Gundry the Head of Library services if you would like to know more or discuss a combination of the shelving. Please contact before 4th April if you are interested. Collection is by 1st May 2022.


A combination of single-sided and double- sided shelving units. 11 double-sided frames and 14 single-sided frames . Each frame needs 3 back supports per unit (30 are available), therefore a maximum of 10 units could be made.

60 shelves (width 90cm) available in light grey. The unit is fully configurable and shelves work with either double or single sided units to suit the user.

2 double ended side panels - perforated Steel in white and 18 single ended side panels perforated steel.

Here is the FG Specification for the shelving, which can still be purchased should any additional piece be required.


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