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Peninsula of Sanctuary Project - report

SWRLS was delighted to provide a small grant to enable a group of libraries in Devon and Cornwall, led by Laura Lay at FX/Plus and project-managed by Jane Choules, to investigate enhancing a welcome to new arrivals and sanctuary-seekers across the peninsula.

Called 'Peninsula of Sanctuary-Libaries' the nine month project used Basecamp as a route to communicate with interested library staff, provided training led primarily by John Vincent from The Network, and shared learning through both a shared bank of resources and an interactive forum. The forum remains open to anyone - now across the South West Region -who would like to join it. Simply email your name and library to

You can read the full report on findings here:

Final Report Peninisula of Sanctuary Nov 2023
Download PDF • 798KB

Thank you to all those who both delivered the project and / or contributed to making it a success. The work continues.......!


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