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Bill Thompson at SWRLS Members Day - and a challenge to our Members

Watch Bill Thompson's inspiring talk to SWRLS Members Day on June 13th. If you missed the Day, now's your chance to gain insights into exciting technological developments for libraries. And a great recap for those of us who were in the room.

Bill Thompson, BBC Head of Public Value Research, was our Guest Speaker at this year's Members Day, held in person at Exeter Library and broadcast online. In this film of Bill's address to us you can hear his career journey, what is currently preoccupying him in terms of digital access and public good, and his view of what he describes as 'The Liminal Library' - that space between 'air and water - like Venice' that is the library of the future.

If you are short of time, go straight to the insightful Q&A 48.07 minutes into the film.

Here's a challenge for our Members: see Bill's response to Q3 on the film - can we come up with a 'structured experiment' which makes use of the new technologies available to us? If that experiment can come within the scope of a small grant from SWRLS, we'd love to hear from you!


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