SWRLS training programme Feb - Jun 2021 is here

The SWRLS online training programme for February - June 2021 is here. We're offering six inspiring online courses at introductory level (for staff and volunteers new to libraries) and advanced level (for established staff and managers). SWRLS members benefit from 50% reduction in fees and priority booking.



Equality and diversity
Date: 12 May 2021 (half day)
Price: Members £20 / Non-members £40
Trainer: John Vincent
Look at the key role that equality and diversity
plays in our work in libraries; consider the
importance of the Equality Act 2010 and what it
means in practical terms for our day-to-day work;
and explore, via a worked example, how we can
put this into practice.

Presenting your library
Date: 27 May 2021 (half day)
Price: Members £20 / Non-members £40
Trainer: Kay Ecclestone
Gain confidence in promoting your service in
person and online . Investigate the
communication cycle and how to identify your
target audience(s), match your message to your
audience and choose the best medium for your
message and your audience.

Facilitating multi-functional spaces
Date: 10 June 2021 (half day)
Price: Members £20 / Non-members £40
Trainer: Kay Ecclestone
Learn what makes a welcoming, safe
environment and how to meet the needs of
different user groups, from the practical (barriers
to use and health and safety risks) to the
personal (customer care and tips for welcoming
users). We will consider how to prioritise your
resources, who your stakeholders/users are, and
how the needs of different user groups interact
and/or conflict.


Creating engaging online content
Date: 18 February (full day)
Price: Members £40 / Non-members £80
Trainer: Ned Potter
Keep your existing users engaged online and
attract new audiences with exciting and
interactive content that extends your
service’s reach and value beyond the physical
library. The emphasis is on building an
engaged network, finding inspiration on how
to create content, making the most of the
platforms and using analytics and statistics for
better decision making.

Inspiring leadership
Date: From 25 February 2021 (six sessions)
Price: Members £150 / Non members £300
Trainer: Diana Edmonds, Bridgford
A stimulating programme for developing
personal leadership skills. Over six months,
learn to manage change and disruption,
motivate colleagues with different needs,
creatively adapt your service offering and be
an advocate for your organisation.

Marketing your library online
Date: 11 March 2021 (full day)
Price: Members £40 / Non-members £80
Trainer: Ned Potter
Focus on the principles and actions of library
marketing. We'll cover the main types of
communication, identifying and tailoring key
messages, segmenting your audience, social
media and other tools, and pulling it together
into a strategic marketing plan.