The Board of Trustees

Decision making and management of SWRLS CIO is carried out by a Board of Trustees. This is comprised of the three Officers - Chair, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer - and up to nine Ordinary Trustees. Of the nine, three must represent public libraries, three must represent academic, special or other libraries and three can come from any background. The term of office for Trustees is three years, with the possibility to be elected for three terms of office. The Vice Chair is appointed from the Board by the trustees. Elections take place annually at the AGM, with a third of the trustees elected each year. The Board has a range of responsibilities including the preparation and monitoring of the Strategic Plan, the production of the Annual Report and return to the Charities Commission and financial management, including the production of audited accounts.

The day to day work of the charity is carried out by a part time paid Director who provides strategic and operational support.

Current Trustees

  • Jill Barker, Gloucestershire County Council
  • Andy Brisley, North Somerset Council (Treasurer)
  • Jackie Chelin, University of West of England (Chair)
  • Donna Gundry, Plymouth College of Art (Secretary)
  • Scott Jordan, University of Gloucestershire
  • Merryn Kent, Cornwall County Council
  • Chris Moore, Wiltshire County Council
  • Marie Quinnell

The Board of Trustees of SWRLS CIO may be contacted via email at