National Schemes

Regional Joint Fiction Reserve

Across the British Isles, Joint Fiction Reserves ( JFRs) exist to preserve out-of-print works of fiction and to make them available for future generations of public library readers. There are four different JFRs in operation: the Regional JFR, the London & South East Regional JFR, the Irish JFR and the Scottish Fiction Reserve. All of them collect both adult and junior fiction.

The Regional JFR, operated by English libraries outside the South East, was set up in 1962 and is administered by CONARLS. Fifty-seven public libraries purchase and conserve fiction by an allocation of authors — for example,SWRLS is responsible for the authors with surnames beginning with the letters T-Z. Since this scheme is about maintaining access, all JFR stock is available on inter-library loan to any other public library in the country.


Set up in 2000, Encore! is a national catalogue of performance sets of both vocal and orchestral music. It is freely available for anyone to consult, and it is used heavily by music librarians across the country to satisfy requests from the choirs, orchestras and music groups that come to them. The portion of the SWRLS music catalogue pertaining to music sets has been loaded onto Encore!, and both the local catalogue and the holdings on Encore! are updated constantly.